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Charming by Ti Sento

The New 2012 Tropics Collection

For The Tropics Colleciton, Charming by Ti Sento drew its inspiration from idyllic tropical scenes and exquisite pearl-white beaches. Experience the beauty of the bohemian lifestyle and wear the treasures that you find around your wrist. It creates the perfect ambiance for dreams, desires and inspiration to blossom...


Create unique and personalised jewellery and make a statement with Charming by Ti Sento's Charms and Bracelets. With the power to both evoke memories and inspire new ones, every piece perfectly combines charisma with personal meaning.

Exotic Escapes - Beautiful green leaves, sparkling waterfalls and deep-blue lagoons. Lose yourself in the  scenery of a fantasy island. Immersed in overwhelming luxury, your mind, body and soul can all achieve peace.

Underwater Beauty - Allow yourself to be mesmerised by the colours of the sea with a pallet of radiant corals, vegetation, seaweed and the marvellous and mysterious azure ocean. Dive into a whole new world and marvel at the underwater paradise and all of its sublime treasures.


What'll it be this year: a tropical beach, a sweltering jungle or a city break? Wherever you go next season, be sure to keep your Good Luck Charms close at hand. St. Christopher will bring you luck on your travels. However, for that extra little bit of luck, the Charming by Ti Sento collection includes countless lucky charms such as birthstones, a four-leaf clover, horseshoes and a happy Buddha. You’ll never be out of luck again...

Charming is a sister brand of Ti Sento, a fashionable leading brand of luxury yet affordable jewellery. All charms are handmade and of top quality. They are produced using the highest-quality manufacturing techniques. Sterling silver is plated with rhodium for a durable shine and sparkle. The collection consists of around 360 Ti Sento charms, available from £15.

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